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Cardinal: Venezuelan government should respect election results

cardenal jorge urosa sabino 300x200 Cardinal: Venezuelan government should respect election resultsELECTION 2010 
Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino, the Archbishop of Caracas, said that the Venezuelan government “has an obligation to respect election results. That is a very important.” 

The leader of the Venezuelan Catholic Church added that people should reject pressures to vote any particular party. “People should vote their conscience, in freedom and within the framework of democratic values.” 

Cardinal Urosa stressed that high turnout is required during the parliamentary vote next September 26, if Venezuela is to have good prospects thereafter. 

He urged people to respect others’ views and asked the government to prevent political radicalization. “Venezuelans do not want to engage in permanent conflict. They rather seek the path of progress through justice and peace,” said Cardinal Urosa in an interview with private TV news network Globovisión.

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